Extraordinary cooperation between Kodl Contemporary and Sotheby's continues

From 3–9 November 2021, an auction of London's Sotheby's entitled 20th Century Art: A Different Perspective took place.

This time, the famous auction hall included eleven works by Czech and Slovak contemporary authors, in the selection of which the Kodl Contemporary team again participated in cooperation with experts from Sotheby's. The auction included works by Ondřej Basjuk, Vladimír Houdek, Jan Kaláb, Martin Krajec, Pavla Malinová, Jiří Petrbok, Karel Štědrý, Michal Škapa, Jakub Špaňhel, Mária Švarbová and Zdeněk Trs.

Czech lovers of contemporary art and collectors could see these works in the KODL Gallery from 2 to 13 August as part of the Summer Art Salon 2021. The artworks were transported to Sotheby’s headquarters in London, one of the most prestigious addresses in the world’s art market. Here they were installed on the same walls where the works of world art legends appear.

Kodl Contemporary’s ambition is to take the presentation standards of contemporary art to the next level. It is aimed at presenting a wide range of work of the young and middle generation artists in a refined selection, as well as an international context. One of the main goals of Kodl Contemporary is to support and propagate Czech contemporary art worldwide. The most significant result of this effort is the ongoing collaboration with Sotheby’s in selecting works of Czech and Slovak artists for the autumn online auction of contemporary art. This selection consists of leading contemporary artists, many of which have already been presented at the Kodl Contemporary Summer Art Salons.

Karel Štědrý
Co zbylo z avantgardy
(série Acid House)
mixed media (acrylic, pastel) on canvas
120 × 80 cm

Online auction

Mária Švarbová
Red Beauty, Horizon
digital photography, 9/10
90 × 90 cm

Online auction

Zdeněk Trs
Seashell II
mixed media (acrylic, oil) on canvas
80 × 110 cm

Online auction

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