Jakub Nepraš (1981)  I'm interested

Video installations by multimedia artist Jakub Nepraš captivate audiences around the world. He has participated in many international exhibitions; his works are part of important collections (Nanjing Biennale, Gwangju Biennale Korea, Expo 2010 Shanghai, Museum Colecção Berardo Lisbon, SIART Biennale Bolivia, Esslaward, etc.) and has been presented at a number of international art festivals (ARS Electronica, SPARK Minneapolis, Transmediale Berlin, Videonale 12 Bonn). In 2021, he represented the Czech Republic at Expo in Dubai with his magnificent sculpture Phoenix Energy – a video object reminiscent of concentric urban environment as an energy exchanger covered by dozens of different videos depicting the city’s cultural bustle. It is the relationship between humanity, nature, and new technologies that is a fundamental topic for Nepraš. He examines it with the help of knowledge of contemporary science and philosophy as a fragile “superorganism” predisposed to frequent and various deviations. He thus captures the adaptability of human society to exponential technological development. He began to deal with the form of video collages and video installations already during his studies at the Prague Academy, when he went over from the Studio of Monumental Art headed by Aleš Veselý to the Studio of New Media II headed by Veronika Bromová and Michael Bielický. The artist himself recalls that he was brought to his current style of work by the work of VJ (virtual DJ): “It was a great learning experience for me. The need to screen on the events every weekend and keep producing something new forced me to take full advantage of the existing possibilities of video art and to invent new variations and combinations.” Jakub Nepraš’s installation in public space can be currently seen at the intersection of Marianske Square and Valentinská Street in Prague (until December 2022). His video object entitled Visibility, reminiscent of a street lamp, illuminates the arcades of the Municipal Library and, depending on the intensity of light, warns of increased activity on Czech fake news websites.

Selected exhibitions:
Jakub Nepraš, Visibility, Marianske Square, Prague City Gallery, Prague, CZE, 2022
Jakub Nepraš, Phoenix Energy, Czech Pavilion, Expo, Dubai, ARE, 2021–2022
Jakub Nepraš, Invisible Outer Space, Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg, DEU, 2017
Jakub Nepraš, Exhibition and Residency at Motel Spatie, Arnhem, NLD, 2017
Jakub Nepraš, Parallel Layers, Stoeckle Hauser gallery, Stuttgart, DEU, 2017

sound and video installation (projector, glass, stainless steel)
75 × 50 × 77 cm, 2:11 min
No. 3/5, Author’s Certificate of Authenticity included

Social Debris
sound and video installation (projector, concrete, metal)
66 × 40 × 64 cm, 2:15 min
No. 4/5, Author’s Certificate of Authenticity included


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