Jiří Petrbok (1962)  I'm interested

Jiří Petrbok ranks among the classics of the Czech art scene. Since the mid-1990s, he has been systematically working with the phenomenon of humans, which he understands as an element and a certain standard from which his artworks are based and which determines them. He exposes the human body to suffering, deformities, and various forms of discomfort. Although man, especially the human body, is at the centre of most of Petrbok’s works, we often get the feeling that he was intentionally excluded from the painting. A remarkable element of Petrbok’s work is his ability of conveying irony and a specific grotesque. Petrbok is often able to place the plot in a situation that shifts matters from an imaginary zone of some kind of terror and anxiety, and creates an original and distinctive language which is a thorough and an extraordinary synthesis of many years of creative artistic experience. Jiří Petrbok runs the Drawing Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Solo exhibitions:
Jiří Petrbok, Burning Heart, National Gallery, Prague, CZE, 2018
Summer Art Salon, KODL Gallery, Prague, CZE, 2018
Jiří Petrbok – Forever!, Trafo Gallery, Prague, CZE, 2015
Butterfly Effect?, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, CZE, 2013
Transfer, Czech National Building, New York, USA, 2009

Fallen Angel
acrylic,  pencil and spray on hardboard
122,5 × 210 cm


Big Father
acrylic, pencil, spray on hardboard
210 × 122,5 cm


Object with a Tent
acrylic on canvas
205 × 110 cm


Object Tent Like a Cave
acrylic on canvas
170 × 125 cm


Rainbow House
acrylic on canvas
244 × 122 cm


Ladybird with a Log
acrylic on canvas
212 × 70 cm


Ladybird with a Log – A  New Story
acrylic on canvas
210 × 70 cm


sold at 86th Auction of KODL Gallery

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