Studio Visits  / 27. May 2024

Studio Visit 03 | Rony Plesl

In our next Studio Visit, one of the leading Czech glass masters, Rony Plesl, talked about how his background in Florence inspires him and how he projects this atmosphere into his glass sculptures.
Studio Visits  / 22. April 2024

Studio Visit 02 | Michal Cimala

In the second part of our "Studio Visit" series, we met the painter, sculptor, designer and musician Michal Cimala in his multi-storey studio in the former glass assembly factory in Nusle.
Studio Visits  / 21. March 2024

Studio Visit 01 | Pasta Oner

In the first part of the "Studio Visit" series, we visited Pasta Onera in his studio in Pragovec, a unique art center in the area of a former factory hall. In addition to Pasta, dozens of artists of various backgrounds have their studios here.
Press  / 29. January 2024

Czech creators turned the Porsche 911 into a unique work of art

Press  / 29. January 2024

The unique Porsche, whose paint resembles fire, was created in the Czech Republic

Press  / 26. January 2024

GALLERY: Czech artists turned the legendary Porsche into a work of art. It should also be seen in the streets

Press  / 26. January 2024

A fusion of art and a legendary car. An artist, a glass designer and a photographer took a Porsche 911 to the show

Press  / 1. January 2024

Restoring faith in healing. Together with Courage, the Endowment Fund gives children hope for a better life

Press  / 4. October 2023

A charity auction took place in the Kunsthalle. Kalab was auctioned for half a million, Novák for 450 thousand

Press  / 4. September 2023

Art only as an investment? Indecent towards artists, thinks the youngest of the Kodl family

Press  / 29. June 2023

Kdo chce prožít dobrý život, nesmí zapomenout na jeho pomíjivost, vědí v galerii Kodl

Press  / 21. June 2023

From Prague to Helsinki. Galerie Kodl presents Plesl or Novák at a traveling art salon

Press  / 19. June 2023

Glazier Lukáš Novák will be part of the Summer Art Salon Kodl Contemporary

Press  / 30. July 2022

Focused on photography. The summer art salon will show the works of Antonín Kratochvíl and Ivan Pinkava

Press  / 4. November 2020

A triumph for contemporary Czech art. Bolf, Kintera and Pasta Oner are heading to the London auction house Sotheby's

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