We push the boundaries of
contemporary art

Meet KodlContemporary, an innovative platform for contemporary art that goes beyond the conventions of a traditional gallery.

KodlContemporary has a specific and unmistakable place on the Czech cultural scene.

The goal of KodlContemporary is to raise awareness of the importance of art and its role in society and everyday life. Through interdisciplinary cooperation with various components of public cultural life, it creates an open and innovative space for the development, acquisition and presentation of professional art by contemporary Czech artists at the local and international level.

In addition to traditional exhibition and commercial activities, KodlContemporary organises art projects in public spaces, offers art consultancy, co-organises charity auctions, and provides patronage support to important exhibitions and publications by leading Czech artists.

„Our mission is to raise awareness of Czech contemporary art at home and abroad. KodlContemporary is not just a gallery, it is a dynamic and innovative platform that connects Czech artists with a global audience, collectors and the public.

Jakub Kodl Co-founder and owner of KodlContemporary
Jakub Kodl


KodlContemporary builds on the long-standing tradition of galleries, collectors and patrons of the Kodl family, which dates back to the last century.

The KodlContemporary project was founded in 2017 by members of the youngest generation of the Kodl family with the aim of presenting the latest news from the world of contemporary art to collectors and the general public and helping professional artists to establish themselves on the international cultural scene. This intention gave birth to the Summer Art Salon exhibition, which every year presented the work of selected contemporary artists on the walls of the Kodl Gallery.

Due to the growing number of visitors and the increasing popularity of the Salon, one of the co-founders, the current owner Jakub Kodl, decided to transform the project into a separate platform for contemporary art. Since 2021, KodlContemporary has been organising exhibitions as part of various cultural events, providing public buildings and important private collections with art, and organising art projects in collaboration with designers from various industries.

Overview of Exhibitions

We support the artistic projects of contemporary artists and actively participate in their local and international presentation.


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