Velaa Private Island Maldives

KodlContemporary x Velaa Private Island

The Glass Collection
KodlContemporary x Velaa Private Island
A gallery was created on a Maldivian island in cooperation with KodlContemporary to present contemporary Czech art to visitors.
„KodlContemporary is not just a gallery, it is a dynamic platform that connects Czech artists with a global audience and Czech collectors and the wider public with the most up-to-date contemporary art.“
Jakub Kodl Co-founder of KodlContemporary
Velaa Private Island Maldives

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KodlContemporary × Velaa Private Island


The Glass Collection




Velaa Private Island





On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Velaa Private Island in the Maldives, a small gallery was created in cooperation with KodlContemporary, which presents visitors with unique glass sculptures by leading Czech artists, as well as the priceless quality of craftsmanship, which has an age-old tradition in the Czech Republic.

Glassmaking has a deep and ancient tradition in the Czech lands. The first glassmakers in the territory of what is now Czechia were the Celts and their skill is evidenced by archaeological finds dating back to the 3rd to 1st centuries BC. With the decline of Celtic culture, the glassmaking tradition fell silent for a while and returned only in the Middle Ages, when glass was first used as a window filler intended primarily for church buildings. From the Middle Ages onwards, the glassmaking tradition only grew and over time the Czech lands became one of the main world centres of this craft. It is therefore not surprising that glass was chosen for the presentation of Czech culture in the Maldives.

Three artists were approached to participate in the exhibition: Rudolf Burda, Lukáš Novák and Rony Plesl. The work of each of the artists differs in their approach to art as such, as well as in the techniques and themes they treat, but they have one thing in common, and that is the desire to constantly push the boundaries of glass and search for new forms of artistic expression through this extremely fascinating amorphous material. All three artists were approached to create unique glass objects that would be tailor-made for the Velaa Private Island tenth anniversary exhibition. Each of the authors dealt with the theme of the island from a completely different point of view, which allows visitors to the gallery to experience the specific atmosphere of Maldivian nature even more intensively.

Rudolf Burda’s work is represented at the exhibition by five pieces, characterised by minimalist design and a deep feeling for the essence of the glass material itself. In his work, he starts from basic geometric forms, which he tries to simplify as much as possible, and thus work his way to the very essence – perfect form, free of anything superfluous. His works are thematically based on a fascination with nature and its laws, often referring to the exploration of the microcosm or macrocosm and trying to convey the energy that is the basic essence of all creation.

Lukáš Novák, on the other hand, approaches the material of glass as an absolutely unique substance that, through its form and transparency, allows for even more intense experiences of reality. He presents three objects at the exhibition, made of specific hand-ground, cut and polished optical glass, which is used, for example, in astronomy for its high qualities.

Rony Plesl is a master at testing the boundaries of the medium of glass. In 2022, he presented the Czech Republic at the 59th international Biennale of fine arts in Venice, Italy, with a series of works called Trees Grow from the Sky – the world’s largest monolithic glass sculptures ever made. To produce them, he used the unique Vitrum Vivum technology, which enables the casting of large-format glass objects and which he was the first in the world to use on such a scale. At the exhibition, he presents two sculptures, Man & Woman and Le Grand Jeu, unique works that combine stylish elegance with intellectual depth and perfect craftsmanship.

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